How Fast is the Service - Only a web Speed Test Can Tell

How Fast is the Service - Only a web Speed Test Can Tell

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So you think that you have pretty fast Online sites. Are you truly pleased with it? How quickly is it? They are all questions that Online users are frequently thinking about more often for several reasons now. To start with, there are now things that you can do to increase your speedtest in order to. Also, after these measures are taken you need to know the effect they've had.

The Old Method

The very first step in giving you better Internet speed would be to determine what it is now. In the past, this is done by downloading personal files of a set size and timing it as it was done. There was clearly one trouble with this method however and that was it's difficult to time the speed at which data was uploaded as well, which is included in your total Internet speed calculation.

The New Method

It's led to a fresh service on offer on the Internet, that times your Internet speed for you. It is done by sending that you simply data file that's then downloaded into your computer. Than the same file is subsequently uploaded and returned to the service and also the whole process is timed. In this way your actual Internet speed is calculated a lot more accurately.

Dial Up Service Can Be Sped Up

Once you've accurately calculated your online speed, these same services are able to assist you in determining what can be the best methods for you to increase your Internet speed. Things you need and what can be actually implemented depends upon a number of factors including which kind of Internet service that you use. With new speed enhancement technologies which were developed in recent years, even if you have standard dial-up service, you can boost your Internet speed significantly.

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